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For 16 years since the foundation, our company has come a long way from a small field-specific company to one of the leaders in the design sector of Belarus.  The key to our successful work is high quality services, reliability and concern for the Client’s interests. We have a highly professional close-knit team and a lot of ideas for further development. Therefore, we welcome cooperation with investors!

Since October 2019 ENECA has become a High-Tech Park resident. First of all, the policy favours we got due to this residentship will be used to develop BIM-design for work on Western European and North American markets. It means the main aim is to increase export income.

At the moment, several tools are available for You to invest in our company.  On of the most convenient is purchasing our Tokens released on online-platform

To invest in ENECA’s development and get a stable income of 6,4% in U.S dollars a year, you can buy our Tokens considering the information about us on investment web-page: as well as the following documents:

White paper (PDF-file)       2019 Annual Balance Sheet  (PDF-file)       2019 Audit Report (PDF-file)

Численностьсотрудников компании

Our employees are our asset and we take care of them. For the last five years, we have increased the staff by more than two times.  We certify our staff on the regular basis and it is safe to say that we employ top-ranking specialists, who can implement any project.

Объемвыручки компании

For the last years, the Company’s income has been increasing by 20 - 30% per annum. Attraction of investments will enable us to enter international markets more quickly.   Having provided a stable export income, we will protect your investments from currency exchange rate fluctuations. The forecasting profitability will be from 20 to 30%.


Our company provides services on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, EU and CIS countries.  We actively develop the export of our services to EU and North American markets by using building and facility information modelling informative technologies.

We use the best technologies available and modern methods in our work (BIM, Agile, Scrum) and actively develop export. Our team comprises the best engineers, sales and project managers, programmers and business analysts.  By developing our company, we help to design the best solutions for the Clients.

ENECA makes its mission to create a positive brand image of Belarusian design engineers on the international market.  Due to the business project implementation within HTP, ENECA has a unique chance to adopt the experience of high technology Belarusian companies. When exporting services abroad and increasing labour efficiency by using advanced technologies, one of the Company’s aim is to facilitate the increase of salaries and prestige of design engineer profession. 

Such business approach enables us to forge ahead and build long-term reliable relations with our partners.  We are always open to any mutually beneficial cooperation and ready to hear out and discuss your proposals!

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