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The beginning since 2004

2020 year in review

The main priorities of our development for 2020 are:

  1. Maximum development of BIM technologies
  2. Work on the international market
  3. Improving design technology using elements of the Agile methodology with an
    increase in variant studies for the customer in order to find optimal solutions for the
  4. Reduction of design terms by streamlining communication between all project
    participants and speeding up the decision-making
  5. ENECA entered the ICO to attract investment and provide stable income to Investors. In order to invest in the development of ENECA and receive a stable income of 6.4% per annum in US dollars, you can buy ENECA Tokens on an investment platform by studying the conditions and opportunities on the investment page.
2019 year in review

Every year we have more and more important events, we enhance development. This is
primarily due to the fact that more and more initiative and competent employees appear in
our team. And we are trying to create conditions for open and honest cooperation for them,
when everyone’s opinion is heard, everyone’s merits will be appreciated. And every
member of our team is really important to us!

In 2019:

  1. we significantly expanded the geography of our work. We have completed our first
    projects in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, etc.
  2. we opened offices in Grodno, Molodechno, Mogilev and Gomel to look for the best
    engineers, not only in Minsk
  3. our team grew to 200 people

Thanks to the active use of BIM technologies, we became a High-Tech Park resident. It
opened up new opportunities for the development and attraction of investments.

We were given great confidence in introducing new technologies into design and in bringing
Belarusian engineers to the international market. And we have huge plans that we will
definitely implement!

2018 year in review

The year 2018 was dedicated to further quality improvement of our work. We understand
quality in several aspects:

  1. communication with the customer and the convenience of working with us
  2. design decisions - the efficiency and optimality of decisions made, as well as the
    lack of design fault
  3. execution of documentation.

Quality improvement is an ongoing process, to which we will pay great attention in the

In 2018, we decided to become the best engineering organization in Belarus.

2017 year in review

2017 is another very important year in our history. This is the year we have begun our work
in the international market. We started with the design of steel structures due to the fact that
Eurocodes were already introduced in Belarus at that time and our specialists were among
the first in the country to master them. We are grateful to our first customers from Germany
who believed in our great desire to start working for the Western European market. The first
projects that we were assigned were in Serbia and Greece

2016 year in review

The year 2016 was dedicated to the planning methods improvement. One of our priorities in
the work is meeting deadlines for customers. We understand that for customers every extra
day of design or construction is a lost profit from the facility. Therefore, now and in the
future we will direct maximum efforts to optimize our work and reduce design time

2015 year in review

In 2015, we began to study modern project management techniques and apply them to our
design field. We drew attention to the methodologies of Agile, Srum, Lean, we began to
choose those methods that are suitable for us and began to implement them. Since that
time, the transformation of the company, the restructuring of approaches, the organization
of Scrum teams began. This process was going on gradually and at the present moment we
can say that it was the right choice. We facilitate the communication of our specialists and
with customers. Our goal is to be customer-oriented and for this we organized our work as
efficiently and simply as possible.

2014 year in review

The year 2014 can be described as the year when the introduction of BIM-technologies in
our company began. Of course, the process was not as easy and fast as we would like. And
we continue to improve in this area now, and intend to further develop with even greater
persistence. But already then, in 2014, we understood the advantages of BIM-design for us,
as designers. The main advantages are:

  1. improvement of projects quality
  2. exclusion of intersections between sections of project documentation
  3. ability to present to the customer a 3D model of both the external and internal
    appearance of the object.

It facilitates the perception and increases the possibility of making the best decisions for
ease of use the facility in the future.

2013 year in review

That year, we worked a lot on projects of international financial organizations. That was one
of our strong competencies. Almost from the establishment of the company we have
collaborated with international engineering and consulting companies and could perceive
their experience and work style.

For example, in 2013, we performed an analysis of available bioresources and the
possibility of producing energy from them for the International Finance Corporation. In our
work, we covered the territory of the entire Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian

This year, the number of employees for the first time exceeded 100 persons.

2012 year in review

In 2012, we tried our hand at designing of shopping malls. We are grateful to our Clients for
their trust and we decided to master this area of activity with pleasure. So, the direction of
designing civilian objects began to develop in our company and accordingly, we have
specialists not only in industry, but also, for example, architects who can create visually
pleasing, expressive buildings.

2011 year in review

We grew and strengthened, and gradually moved from energy facilities to industrial ones.
Seeing how we are trying, our customers offered us to design not only the energy part of
their production, but also the production itself. We started with the woodworking and
building materials industries. Our team expanded and we had more and more competent
and wonderful specialists.

Also in 2011, we have started to use online project management system the Worksection.
Since then, the system has been greatly developed in our company. It helps to organize
many processes and really combine the mental efforts of a large number of highly skilled

2010 year in review

2010 was a year of expanding borders. We decided that we were interested in trying
ourselves abroad and began to look for customers in Russia. Small energy began to
develop in the Russian market, and we already had experience. We have found several
partners with whom we continue to work to this day. Over the years of our work, we have
designed many objects throughout Russia from Kaliningrad to Korf (Kamchatka) and from
Plesetsk to Novorossiysk.

2008 year in review

During this period, we began to design boiler houses on wood chips and we are very
pleased that we participated in these projects, which helped to improve the environmental
situation in the country and reduce dependence on imported natural gas.

2007 year in review

In 2007, we decided that we were ready to design. We assembled a team of 5 main
specialists, obtained a design license and completed the first architectural and construction
projects. Naturally, the first projects were related to energy.

  1. The architectural project “Mini-CHP with an electric capacity of 4 MW in the city of
  2. Construction project “Reconstruction of VRA-4 dryers with replacement of steam
    heaters with gas heaters of TG-1.9-200 type in the skimmed milk powder workshop
    of Novogrudok Butter Plant OJSC
  3. Installation of a 1.5 MW wind generator near Novogrudok, RUE Grodnoenergo
2006 year in review

The company grew, and with it the complexity of our facilities increased. An environmental
direction was created, we began to justify investments in large energy facilities, completed
our first projects in the field of bioenergy and alternative energy.

With every passing year our team studied and developed. For us it is the most important
thing, because the development of our company is based only on people, their
competencies and their human qualities.

  1. “Construction of a complex for the production and utilization of biogas for the Borisov
    bakery plant”

Investment Feasibility Study:

  1. “Installation of cogeneration equipment at the boiler house of Berezovsky cheese-making plant OJSC“
  2. “Installation of 6 MW gas turbine at the Severnaya mini-CHP in Grodno”
  3. “Reconstruction of the steam turbine PT-60 at Mozyr CHP“
2005 year in review

Since the founding of the company, we have always been interested in energy-efficient
technologies and renewable energy. In the second year, we began to carry out the first pre-
design work related to wind energy and the construction of biogas complexes on livestock
waste. Without false modesty, we can say that we were one of the pioneers in this field.
Throughout the history of development, we are always FOR environmentally friendly

2004 year in review

We consider the company's birthday to be February 5, when the idea of creating a company
came up and we began to offer our services to future customers of the company. Official
registration took place in June 2004. Initially, our team was very small and consisted of 3
persons who performed pre-design work for energy facilities: feasibility studies and
business plans. RUE Grodnoenergo and the Berezovsky cheese-making plant were one of
our first customers.

  1. Investment Feasibility Study “Installation of gas piston units at the boiler-house of the JSC "Brest electrotechnical plant";
  2. Business plan “Reconstruction of block No. 3 of Berezovskaya HPP”, 
  3. Energy audit of the RUE "Baranovichi Cotton Association" and others.
Company Awards
  • Contender for nomination “The best project in small energy of capacity up to 5 MW”

    Trigeneration complex for Mineral Wax Plant JSC in Svisloch township, Pukhovichi district, Minsk region, Belarus. Capacity: electric - 1,7 MW, thermal – 1,9 MW, cooling – 1,4 MW; (International award “Small Energy – Big Achievements”) 2016

  • Contender for nomination “The best project in renewable energy sector”

    Wind power plants (WPP) and engineering utilities near Yanovichi village, Novogrudok district, Grodno region, Belarus.

  • Winner in nomination “The best project in small energy of capacity up to 5 MW”.

    (Two biogas complexes in Brest region of capacity 1 and 2 MW) (International award “Small Energy – Big Achievements”) 2016

  • Winner in nomination “The best investment project “Energy & Ecology”

    (Software set “E3 Air”) 2019. Belarus ICT StartUp Award, 2020

Company’s Mission

Strive to develop, go forward and have a tight-knit team is our mission, which comprises the following

To design projects at a high architectural and technical level multiplying our creativity for our Clients;

To extend our service geography. We look for the best designers in Belarus and open offices in new
cities. Today, ENECA works in Belarus, Russia, Western Europe, Scandinavian and Baltic countries – more
than 10 EU and near-abroad countries;

Respect! It’s extremely important, specialists, who work in the engineering sector, must be in
demand and their work must be decently paid. That’s why people are our top priority in
everything, what we do. Happy, recognized human facilitates the building of a highly efficient



Associations and public initiatives
Council of Design Companies’ Leaders

To create conditions for harmonious development of the design sector of Belarus, the Council of Design Companies’ Leaders was merged into the Belarusian Union of Architects. The Council of Design Companies’ Leaders help design companies to establish contacts among the companies’ leaders, exchange experience and defend common interests. The participants of the Council are actively engaged in public discussions, integrate BIM-technologies in their work and arrange collective training for specialists.

Community advisory council of Ministry of Energy of Belarus

The main objectives of the Council include preparation of offers in the legal regulation of entrepreneurship, examination and discussion of new normative legal acts, provision of effective coordination of the Ministry of Energy with all parties of interest, discussion of issues of concern for entrepreneurs.

Regions in Belarus and CIS

ENECA provides its services on the whole territory of Belarus.

To support design activities in the regions, there are branch and sub-branch offices of ENECA in the
regions. As at the end of 2018, ENECA sub-branch offices work in Molodechno, Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev,
Novopolotsk, Brest and Moscow (Russia). The whole number of inhouse specialists exceeds 30 people,
the engineers are attested and certified to perform design and pre-design, engineering, environmental
and economic works.

The employees of all regional companies are in close coordination with ENECA office in Minsk. Since
their entry to the market, these companies have cooperated with the specialists of ENECA on project
implementation both for local regional Clients and companies, who work on the whole territory of
Belarus, Russia and European countries. Regional branch offices provide more extensive service and
technical support for geographically distributed Clients and guarantee immediate response to the
requests of Client companies.

When implementing projects on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, ENECA is supported by LLC
ENECA. At the moment, contractual relations are confirmed with more than 200 representatives in big
Russian cities.

Technologies and Copyright

The use of licensed software decreases the possibility of information system process failures and helps
to avoid unnecessary legal verifications. We use the products of such companies as Autodesk (Revit, Civil
3D, NavisWorks, etc.), Trimble (Tekla Structures), EPLAN and other producers, depending on the project
needs and Client’s requirements.

ENECA owns the rights for intellectual property produced in the course of work. Copyrights may be
delegated in accordance with the contract and legislation in force.

Engineering & Consulting Company ENECA: we perform the whole investment cycle in design and construction

Looking for not only a contractor for design, but also for a reliable partner and expert? Then, ENECA is the company, you are looking for! We find engineering and design solutions, which enable to develop projects, eliminate obstacles and help to succeed in implementing the project. We believe that even a tiny project (object) is worthy of our attention and professional approach, so the Client will be as satisfied as possible with the result.

How ENECA solves your problems?

Know for sure, which service to order to get the result? Sure that it will improve the situation? ENECA will help to deal with it! If you are an engineer or environmental specialist at the enterprise, director or business owner, investor, no matter at whichever investment stage in construction you are, or if you participate in management of an enterprise, which needs reconstruction, modernization, integration of new innovative process systems and you don’t understand, where to start and what to do, we won’t sell you inefficient solutions. Instead, we may offer you the set of measures and works, which will be reasonable and efficient for further development of the project, specifically:

  • We will analyze the project (object) state, arrange on-site visit, if necessary;
  • We will create a road map for implementation of the project with the description of works, costs and time limits;
  • We will perform design and engineering works using BIM-technologies, which enable You to get the project for efficient use in construction;

ENECA will help to divide the project into stages. It will enable to reveal the problem and find the most suitable solution by means of:

  • Pre-design works (Feasible studies, justification of investments, pre-design documentation, business plan, EIA, EP, SPZ, conceptual design. Design, engineering, initial data collection);
  • Development of design and cost estimate documentation (project adaption, BIM-design);
  • Support in consideration provided by the institutes, which issue technical specifications, State Motor Vehicle Inspectorate, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, state and environmental expertise;
  • Conduction of designer’s and technical supervision for putting an object into service.

To eliminate risks, which may prevent you from progress, we offer the set of works at a pre-design stage developed on the basis of Belarusian regulations and ENECA’s experience.

ENECA: Prove our qualification with our work

A lot can be written about cool specialists, great experience and complete diligence, but instead we will confirm our intentions with work:

1. To determine the type of works and services, we perform basic audit of the project and its status. So, you will get possible options of problem solutions before the full value cooperation;

2. We speak about investment cycle services for solving the objectives and issues arisen in the course of design, construction, commissioning of objects. Only work may speak more about sale managers than the sale managers themselves. The services and specialty of objects may be found on the web-site;

3. Prove the result of work with our own projects:

  • Data-centre for A1 (Velcom);
  • Factories for the following companies TripleFarm JLLC, AlyuminTechno JLLC, Mebeline FLLC, VMG Industry FLLC, STiM LLC in Belarus and Russia, shops and shopping malls ОМА LLC, Eurotorg LLC, Trade House «Zhdanovichi», NP-Service ALC;
  • Treatment facilities, external networks, boiler houses, mini-CHPs, CHPs for the group of companies Gazprom in Belarus and Russia, Yandex, RUE « Production Association «BelorusNeft», Slavkali FLLC, Belshina OJSC, Savushkin Product JSC, FE Santa Bremor LLC, Housing and Public Utilities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus;
Come to ENECA – we will tell you, how to get the result!



Deputy director for Commercial Matters